Firmware update

Use below firmware to update your LaMetric via USB

Download Firmware 2.0.21

Change log

Version Date Changes
v2.0.21 28.05.2019 Bug fix release. It includes fixes for:
- issue that could cause Wi-Fi credentials to be lost in some cases
- problems with Wi-Fi connection stability
- font rendering issue
- alarm clock related issues
Also contains other minor stability and reliability improvements.
v2.0.20 13.05.2019 New features:
- New black screen saver, for those, who find the one with clock too bright.

Bug fixes
- It is now possible to change region setting in order to fix the problem when holiday clock faces were displayed for the wrong country.
- Fixed issue that could cause some apps or device to freeze.
- Fixed issue that causes a device to turn off eventually when connected to PC.
- Contains other numerous stability improvements and bug fixes.
v2.0.19 18.03.2019 New Features
- Home Connect support. Home Connect is featured on a wide range of connected home appliances from Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau and Thermador. Use Home Connect app to get notifications from the following Home Connect enabled appliance types: oven, washer, coffee machine, dishwasher, dryer, fridge, hood, cooktop and Roxxter. App is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug with alarm clock that could cause inability to dismiss alarm sound.
- Fixed bug related to screen saver feature that caused "black screen" issue in some cases.
- Also contains other minor fixes and stability improvements.
v2.0.18 11.02.2019 New Features
- Clock. We've added two more clock face types: weather and day of a month.
- Weather app now shows new night mode animations

Bug fixes
- Fixed issue that caused notifications to play sound twice or cut it.
- Call notifications sent from Samsung Galaxy S8/9 phones will no longer be filtered out if "Phone" filter is enabled.
- Contains also other minor fixes and tweaks.
v2.0.17 15.01.2019 Bug fix release. It contains:
- fixes for Wi-Fi connectivity issues
- fix for bug that could cause screen saver settings to be not saved between reboots
- bug fix that caused the last active app being not restored on a device after boot
- minor fixes in REST API
- other minor stability improvements and tweaks
v2.0.16 29.11.2018 New Features
- WPA/WPA2 Enterprise support (only password authorization is supported currently). Requires LaMetric Time app v2.3.1 or newer.

Bug Fixes
- "Show Artist and Title" will not show what is currently playing if Radio app works in background and the option is set to Off
- Other minor fixes and stability improvements.
v2.0.15 12.10.2018 New:
- Spotify support. From now on, you can stream your favorite music from Spotify right to your LaMetric TIME, see what song is playing and get the right mood with the dancing pixels. Visit to know how.
- Clock App. Don't miss state holidays by enabling new "Clock Face for Holiday" option.

Bug fixes:
- Device could be unresponsive if multiple sticky notifications received.
- Updated database of trusted root ssl certificates and time zones.
- Weather app may display incorrect weather icon. Also we had to remove precipitation option as our weather provider does not provide it.
v2.0.13 28.08.2018 Bug fix release. Improves stability and reliability of weather app.
v2.0.12 13.08.2018 Fixes:
- We have changed weather data provider. Please, make sure iOS/Android app is updated to the newest version.
- Fixed bug that could cause screen saver settings to be not saved between reboots.

Also contains other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
v2.0.11 25.07.2018 Bug fix release. Contains minor fixes and stability improvements.
v2.0.10 16.07.2018 New:
- Ukrainian and Russian localization

- fixed issue with some symbols displayed incorrectly
- now it is possible to filter notifications from Apple Mail
- other minor fixes and improvements
v2.0.9 14.06.2018 This update improves stability and reliability of LaMetric Time and contains fixes for:
- screen flickering when shooting LaMetric on video (24/30/60 fps)
- issue when alarm may not fire in some cases
- issues with getting weather data
- issue, that could cause display to freeze
- issue, that could cause white and color LED to have different brightness in some cases
- other minor issues.
v2.0.8 22.05.2018 This update contains:
- changes required by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
- minor bug fixes and reliability improvements
v2.0.7 10.04.2018 New features
- Multiple alarms
- Better data storage security

Bug fixes
- Schedule mode. Fixed bug that could cause it to switch back to Clock app at 12:00 AM.
- Notifications. Fixed bug that could cause incoming call notification to be not displayed in some cases.
- Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
v2.0.6 21.02.2018 This update improves stability and reliability of your LaMetric Time.
It contains:
- Fix for IFTTT notification bug that could cause sticky notification to be not delivered if default sound was specified in applet.
- Fix for bug that could cause incoming call notification stuck in some cases.
- Routers now see LaMetric Time devices in admin console correctly.

Please note, that screen saver is now enabled by default when it is dark. It helps to reduce traffic consumption at night time and suppresses notifications.
v2.0.5 27.11.2017 This update adds Japanese localization and improves stability, reliability and security of your LaMetric Time.
It contains:
- Improved Wi-Fi security by fixing the KRACK vulnerability.
- Improved Wi-Fi connection stability when used with routers based on Broadcom chip.
- Other minor improvements.
v2.0.4 19.09.2017 Bug fix release. Contains:
- Fix for Wi-Fi re-connection issue
- Other minor stability fixes and improvements
v2.0.2 12.09.2017 New features:
- Phone notification filtering
- Support for new IFTTT triggers and actions

Bug fixes:
- Fixed notification dismiss in single app mode.
- Fixed display of multi line text in notifications.
- Other stability and reliability improvements.

Don't forget to update LaMetric Time app to v2.0.2.
v2.0.1 04.08.2017 New Features:
- Ability to display notifications from your phone (not all phones are supported though)
- Radio app now supports mms:// streams.
- Name of the device is displayed on the screen when music streaming is activated

Bug fixes:
- Contains fix for cases when LaMetric Time could not restore correct time after reboot.
- Contains fixes for connectivity issues, which may prevent phone from connecting to LaMetric Time
- Fixed switching to previous radio station action via API.
- Fixed UPnP discovery of the device in local network
- Also contains a lot of fixes and improvements of underlying OS.

Don't forget to upgrade your LaMetric Time app for iOS or Android to v2.0.
v1.7.8 13.04.2017 Bug fixes:
- Fix for devices that do not restore their time after reboot (let us know if it does not work for you)
- Weather app now display pressure (inHg) with 2 digits after the comma
- UI fix that could cause "bluetooth on" notification to be not displayed in auto scroll mode
- Fix for issue that could cause the device to not preserve current app in locked mode.

Don't forget to upgrade you LaMetric Time app to v1.7.8. It has some fixes as well.
v1.7.7 06.03.2017 New features:
- Local API 2.1.0
- French localization

Bug fixes:
- Increased alarm auto dismiss time to 30 minutes.
- Fixed bug that could cause IFTTT and push notification to be not delivered on time.
- Fixed volume change.
- Fixed issue related to automatic time adjustment.

Don't forget to upgrade your LaMetric Time app to v1.7.7!
v1.7.5 27.01.2017 New features:
- Added ability to disable song title and artist in Radio app
- Added ability to display speed in knots in Weather app
- Added ability to clone Weather app

Also contains bug fixes and stability improvements related to API, Alexa integration, screensaver etc.
v1.7.3 29.12.2016 New features:
- Amazon Echo Support. You can control your LaMetric Time with your voice. Enable LaMetric Time skill in your Alexa app (Note: skill will be available soon).
- Extended local API that allows controlling device programmatically. Documentation on that is coming a little bit later.

Also contains bug fixes, stability and security improvements.
v1.7.2 28.11.2016 Bug fixes for issues that may cause:
- Top device buttons to be inactive while screensaver is active.
- Device may stuck in screensaver mode.

Also contains minor stability and reliability improvements.
v1.7.1 22.11.2016 Bug fixes for:
- Netatmo Weather Station app could display zeros after user login
- Screensaver could not be activated in some cases
- Brightness value could not be preserved between device restarts
- Other stability and reliability improvements
v1.7.0 07.11.2016 New features:
- Netatmo Weather Station support (requires Netatmo Weather app to be installed and LaMetric Time app v1.7)
- Philips Hue support (requires Philips Hue app to be installed and LaMetric Time app v1.7)

Also contains bug fixes and stability improvements.
v1.6.2 06.10.2016 New features:
- Weather app now supports pressure, precipitation and visibility indicators
- Preinstalled apps support displaying settings in German (depends on language of your phone)
- LaMetric Time now speaks Japanese as well
v1.6.1 25.08.2016 New features:
- IFTTT direct notifications support

Bug fixes:
- Fix that could cause an error when sending local notification to the device without specifying Content-Type and Accept headers.
- Stability and reliability improvements.
v1.6.0 02.07.2016 New features:
- New device REST API v2 that allows to send notifications directly to the device and get device state. Allows LaMetric to be integrated into smart home systems.
- New notifications experience.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed ability to control volume from the phone when streaming audio over Bluetooth to LaMetric Time.
- Decreased polling interval for weather to one hour and a half.
- Contains minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
v1.5.1 25.03.2016 New features:
- Time based screensaver

Bug fixes:
- Daylight saving time issue that could affect some users.
- Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
v1.5.0 29.02.2016 New features:
- Ability to push data to apps in local network

Bug fixes:
- Alarm could go off randomly
v1.4.0 15.02.2016 New features:
- Added new global text animation style - typewriter, with the ability to change its speed.

Bug fixes:
- The ambient light level of screensaver activation has been fine tuned.
- Other small bug fixes and stability improvements
v1.3.1 03.02.2016 New features:
- Screen saver that activates when it is dark (requires LaMetric Time app 1.4.x to configure)

Bug fixes:
- Other small bug fixes and improvements
v1.3.0 03.02.2016 Bug fixes:
- Contains fix for issues with autoscroll mode
- Other small bug fixes and improvements
v1.2.0 16.01.2016 New features:
- Ability to control widget display timing and visibility in auto scroll mode.
- Weather supports wind speed in m/s

Bug fixes and improvements:
- Fix for background data update in some apps (like weather).
- Stability and reliability improvements
v1.1.0 30.11.2015 - WEP support. Allows you to connect to WEP Wi-Fi networks.

- Hidden Wi-Fi networks support. Allows you to connect LaMetric to hidden Wi-Fi access points.

- IFTTT fixes. Improves connection stability and reliability of IFTTT client.

- Clock. Added ability to disable blinking dots as well as hide AM/PM indicator.

- Also contains a lot of fixes and improvements. Recommended to all LaMetric users.

Please note iOS app v. 1.0.8 is needed for most of the features(usually it takes some time while Apple team will review the app). Android users have all features available in the same moment when firmware is published.
v1.0.25 12.11.2015 - IFTTT Support. This update is required in order to install IFTTT Do and IFTTT Display apps from the store. They will be available after LaMetric channel approval.

- Timezone fixes for some countries as well as daylight saving time support when on automatic timezone settings (requires reconnection to wi-fi using updated iOS or Android clients).

- Also contains stability and reliability fixes. Recommended for all LaMetric users.
v1.0.24 19.10.2015 Contains bug fixes and improvements. Recommended to all LaMetric users.
v1.0.23 30.09.2015 Contains critical bug fixes and many improvements. Better Bluetooth audio streaming. Recommended to all LaMetric users.
v1.0.22 29.09.2015 Contains bug fixes and improvements.
v1.0.21 26.08.2015 Bug fixes